Mack Mama: The Unexpected Star of Chappelle's Show<br />

Mack Mama says she should be the first one to sit down with Dave Chappelle for an interview after the infamous Connecticut show. 

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become a social worker. It is all about the choices we make and how we choose to deal with adversities. I wrote my story to guide the at-risk youth—especially the girls—that are in gangs and feel like they have no way out.

EBONY: Do you think Dave will follow up with you?

MM: My goal is to get him on my Blog Talk Radio show as a guest. I would love to host [an] exclusive interview. I have interviewed many celebrity authors, entertainers and reality stars. I need a legendary comedian to complete my archives. I hope he calls me. I sure put my number in that book!

EBONY: What do you wish to achieve with your media career? 

MM:  To become a bestselling author and have my books become movies…I am eager to have a movie made about my life, the world needs to hear my story. It will save these troubled young girls a lot of grief. I speak to them at different venues, youth detention centers and such, but, it’s nothing like having a movie that they can pop in and say “If Mack Mama can change, after all she has been through, than so can I." 

I would love to be on XM Radio...I intend to take my brand to the next level. I am an author/entertainer/radio-host and a motivational speaker. Most importantly I am a testament that you can achieve success at any level independently.

Check out Mack Mama’s books via major e-book retailers and via her personal site. You can also listen to her radio show here.