Mary Mary

Mary Mary Speak on the Resurrection of Their Hit Reality Show [INTERVIEW]

New-school gospel duo Mary Mary preach about season 2 of their spiritual reality series

Kelley L. Carter

by Kelley L. Carter, November 19, 2012

Mary Mary

Mary Mary

our Christmas tour being canceled, we were at home a lot. This season, we are out and about, on the road and trying to get the tour together. Trying to get ready for so many things that are happening and still manage everything at home; relationships with our sisters and everything that comes along with it. Thanksgiving is coming. What are you all most thankful for?

TC: Life! Thankful for opportunity; thankful for fans that continue to support us; thankful for people like you that think we’re interesting enough to speak to us; thankful that in a bad economy we’re still able to stay afloat when there’s so many people that have amassed so much in life that are literally going under as a result of things that are happening,

EC: I’m thankful for my family. I’m thankful for being in my right mind. Because if I didn’t have my right mind, I wouldn’t be able to manage all that we do!

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