Matthew Cherry Stands Tall with âThe Last Fallâ

Matthew Cherry Stands Tall with “The Last Fall”

The former NFL Player turned director debuts his first feature film

Steve Rivers

by Steve Rivers, November 05, 2012

Matthew Cherry Stands Tall with âThe Last Fallâ

Matthew Cherry

Francisco or Seattle has to go back and discuss this with his wife and children, and wonder how it’ll affect them.

[This is] not a sports movie at all. The film actually picks up after he gets cut and has to move back home. Throughout the film you get a chance to see this guy’s life. You meet his high school sweetheart...You see how he connects with his mom and how he’s able to get back into her good graces. His father is sick and his relationship with his sister is weird. On top of all of this, he gets that final call on what he’s going to do for the rest of his life and as a viewer, you’ve got to process all of this. If you came into the film after watching ESPN, you wouldn’t understand any of this. You’re actually forced to look at this athlete as a human and how everything outside of football can affect him. 

EBONY: Aside from “The Last Fall,” what are some of your proudest film/video projects so far?

MC: I’ve done a short film called “This Time,” which was great. I did it before a lot of people were really doing web series’ like that, and it got over 100K views on YouTube. They also talked about it on the Mo’Nique show and treated it like it was a real film, which was cool. I honestly love my music video work. One of my favorites was the video I did for Jazmine Sullivan’s “In Love with Another Man.” It wasn’t even supposed to be an official video, just something we did off spec. But, the label actually loved it and made it the official video, and now it has over 2 million views on YouTube. There were a few other videos I’ve directed, but I’d say those are probably my two favorite projects.

EBONY: What inspires your film/video work and what’s next for Matthew Cherry?

MC: I just wanna continue to try and tell stories that haven’t been told before. For my next project, I’d like to touch on this concussion issue that’s going on in the league. I wanna do something gritty and raw to get the message out there. Hopefully, we can be a catalyst for addressing the safety issue in the league. That’s something that’s very important to me...I’m honestly inspired by people. There are so many young Black filmmakers that are on their first or second film, and they’re killing the game! You have Ava Duvernay, Terrence Nance, Sheldon Candis, Charles Murray…I could go on and on – even Issa Rae with “Awkward Black Girl.” There are so many people that are really changing the game right now, and with the constant improvement in technology, we’re able to put ourselves and our work out there more and more.

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