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' Kidz In the Hall' Rapper Naledge Uses Hip-Hop to Inspire Chicago's Youth

Naledge of “KIDZ IN THE HALL"

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get through your church. Braniac Society works through music. We just have to try and reach as many people as many different ways as we can.

EBONY: You have a new solo mixtape coming out in the fall. How has your sound changed from Kidz in the Hall and what can we expect lyrically from this new project?

My solo mixtape is coming out October 2nd and is a little bit more introspective than the last Kidz in the Hall album. I've got a lot more to talk about. The more life you've led, the more you have to talk about.  I'm very transparent with my music and the Chicago influence is going to come out. I won't say I’m talking about “overcoming” on this mixtape because I haven't done that much struggling, honestly. But I am facing more adult issues. I'm a father now, so I’m talking about that, I’m talking about relationship issues, having homies pass away, watching parents get older and having to comfort them when grandparents pass away. It’s just real adult issues. There’s a lot of thoughtful, thought-provoking, fun, cool tracks to be digested on this mixtape.

EBONY: What do you hope to accomplish through your music and your work with Braniac Society?

JE: I want to be seen as somebody who really helped others and is committed to my community. I hope to continue to come up with creative ways to help young people express themselves and find positive outlets, whether it be me physically being there for young people and new artists or emotionally being there and mentoring artists and connecting them with the right people.

You can check out Naledge live in Chicago on July 12 and follow him on Twitter @GoNaledgeGo.

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