Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan Auctions Mansion

The basketball superstar resorts to auction after 20 months of no buyers

by Team Ebony, October 25, 2013

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

As the best player ever in the NBA, Michael Jordan didn’t rely on any gimmicks. But as the owner of a superlative, museum-quality home just north of Chicago, Jordan has realized that it’s going to take a little more than the typical “For Sale” sign to find the right buyer for his sumptuous residence.

After 20 months of trying to sell his 7.39-acre, 56,000-square-foot home Jordan is trying a different tactic.

On November 22, Jordan’s “Legend Point” property in Highland Park, IL will be open for bids. The sale is being handled by Concierge Auctions, with a $250,000 deposit is required for any interested party to enter the fray.

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