Morris Chestnut & Donald Faison 'Kick Ass' in Hollywood<br />

Morris Chestnut & Donald Faison 'Kick Ass' in Hollywood

CluelessandBoyz N The Hoodmay be the movies that made them, but these two have come a long way from their freshman films.

by Amber McKynzie [A. KAY], August 16, 2013

Morris Chestnut & Donald Faison 'Kick Ass' in Hollywood<br />

Morris Chestnut and Donald Faison

costume] would have a little bit of everything.

EBONY: Knowing where your career is now, would you say your role in Boyz N The Hood set you up for where you are today?

MC: That role was just a great opportunity. At that point, I was really just looking to be a part of this industry, and it was just a life changing, life-altering experience. To think about the fact that people still, to this day, remember that movie, remember me from that movie—I’m just in awe of that whole experience. What’s funny [is] people always come up to me about how they were affected by that movie.

EBONY: Donald, You’ve starred in a lot of animation and action films throughout your career.  Do you prefer those roles or are those just what have often come along?

DF: I’m a huge fan of animation. I do animation in my spare time. Because of that, if at all possible, I want to be down with animated projects. I’m a huge fan of shows like Robot Chicken and The Clone Wars. If there were any chance of being in that, I would take it. When it comes to action films, that’s what I wanted to be when I got into this whole thing [then] somewhere along the line I became this funny guy. I’ve always wanted to do action adventure. Ever since I played Lando Calorisian with all my friends growing up; ever since I saw Superman; this is what I wanted, and it’s working out right now.

EBONY: Morris, Kick Ass has its serious moments, but overall, the movie is pure comedy. Which genre do you prefer?

MC: I like the serious [stuff]. In my personal life, I’m a lot more humorous than my characters so I like to be something different when I’m on screen. I really don’t take myself seriously in real life.

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