Nas and Kelis

Nas and Kelis Rekindle Friendship

The former hip hop couple has decided to "bury the hatchet"

by #teamEBONY, September 14, 2012

Nas and Kelis

Nas and Kelis

Hip Hop royalty Nas and Kelis are known not only for their music, but for their nasty divorce and custody battle. While the two were publicly on bad terms since Kelis' filing for divorce in 2009, the "Bye Baby" rapper has recently claimed that the two are actually trying to reconcile and "bury the hatchet."

The two are trying to put the past behind them in order to develop a healthy relationship for the benefit of their 3-year-old son Knight — but they are NOT reuniting romantically, Nas reportedly told TMZ. The report alleges that Nas and Kelis have even been on "good terms for a while now," a major improvement from their former feuding if this turns out to be true. Nas and Kelis were even spotted getting dinner together in Los Angeles last night, said the report.

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