Nas Reveals New Album Cover

Nas Reveals New Album Cover

God's Son has revealed the cover art for his highly-anticipated album "Life is Good." (But, whose dress is he holding?)

by #teamEBONY, June 4, 2012

Nas Reveals New Album Cover

Nas tenth studio album 'Life is Good'

One of the illest rappers alive has returned to the music industry for yet another highly-anticipated album set to drop this summer. As expected, his new album — "Life is Good" — has quite the controversial album cover, and its release has already stirred discussion online. Poised quite thoughtfully on a black leather and suede couch, he's perched on the seat's edge with a champagne flute in one hand and a mysterious lime green chiffon dress laid across his lap. 

According to an online trailer for the album, it is in fact Kelis' wedding dress, the only item the rapper's ex-spouse left in his home before leaving for good. Nas has had more than his fair share of success, acclaim, scandal, drama, and beef in this lifetime, but what else can you expect from one of the greatest rappers ever? "Life is Good" will be in stores July 17, but knowing the Queens native, there will probably be a few more surprises in store in the meanwhile.

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