New Domestic Violence Policy for the NFL

New Domestic Violence Policy for the NFL

After facing criticism for its apparent apathy about domestic violence issues involving NFL players, the league has enacted a new policy where repeat offenders will get a lifetime ban

by ESPN, August 28, 2014

New Domestic Violence Policy for the NFL

An NFL athlete wearing pink gloves for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The NFL is immediately implementing a sweeping domestic violence initiative that calls for a six-game suspension for a first offense and a lifetime ban from the league for a second offense. The harsh measures, announced in a letter from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to all team owners, a copy of which was obtained by ESPN, apply to all NFL personnel.

A six-game suspension would come without pay and the length of the penalty could increase in cases where an employee was involved in a prior incident before joining the NFL, or violence involving a weapon, choking, repeated striking, or when the act is committed against a pregnant woman or in the presence of a child.

A second-time offender may petition for reinstatement after one year but there is no assurance the petition will be granted, the letter said.

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