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Nicole Murphy Marries ‘Hollywood Exes’ [INTERVIEW]

VH1 kicks off its second season of ‘Hollywood Exes,’ and the former Mrs. Eddie Murphy is there reuniting divorcees to the famous

Kelley L. Carter

by Kelley L. Carter, July 16, 2013

Nicole Murphy Michael Strahan

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busy with his show. He’s got too many jobs. He is so busy. There might be a little something.

EBONY: Will we see you making wedding plans? Or getting married on the show?

NM: You will see some stuff like that (wedding plans). But you’ll have to watch the show! I can’t give you all the details.

EBONY: Your daughters Bria and Shayne have been getting a lot of attention lately. I know one has already followed in your footsteps, but will the others? And will you become a momager?

NM:  Well, my 18-year-old Shayne, she might be going down that road as well. Her and her sister Bria, they may be doing something together, which I hope. And then my son, he’s in college as well and he’s also a writer and he likes doing the behind-the-scenes stuff; writing scripts and stuff like that. So I have some very talented kids as it happens.

All I can do is advise them and just pray! I always tell them: find something that you love to do, that way it won’t be hard for you. Everything will come easy. And so I always put that in there. Who knows what the future will be, but whatever it is, I will support them 100 percent. All I can do is just give ’em that advice when they want it.

EBONY: Now that you’re on a reality show, are you seeing a boost to your modeling career? Ready to get back out there?

NM: Yes! I kind of jumped back into it. Which is funny, because [I was] thinking I’m too old to be back in the modeling game! People want to shoot me and use me for stuff.

EBONY: Are there thoughts to branch out and go into other markets? Will there be any spinoffs, and will we see high profile ex-wives in Miami or New York?

NM: I’ve heard talk about that and I really don’t know. We’ve been so busy with our show. But it might be quite interesting to see something like that. The thing is pulling women together. Who’s willing to do that?!

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