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USA Basketball’s 1992 "Dream Team" vs 2012 Team

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Robinson because he seems more athletic and more aggressive than Robinson was. And while Ewing was a very good player, I’ve always thought he was kind of overrated mainly because he played in New York. Here’s the problem: 2012 only has Chandler at center. So, while I like him over the ’92 guys individually, whoever helps him out at center doesn’t make a better two-some than Ewing and Robinson. Chandler/Bosh, Chandler/Love and Chandler/Griffin all seem inferior to Ewing/Robinson.

Edge: 1992

The 2012 team has unbelievable talent but it is just a cut under the best in the World like the ’94 team. Although this team is arguably more talented than many of the Olympic teams we’ve seen, they will not have the same fire and desire of a team coming off of a less-than-gold USA Basketball performance. While there is no doubt that Team USA will win gold in London, those of us who remember 1992 will likely agree that they were the best to ever do it thus far.