Oprah Rihanna

Oprah to Interview Rihanna

The media mogul tweeted that her exclusive sit-down with the controversial singer is set to air in August

by #teamEBONY, June 19, 2012

Oprah Rihanna

Super pop star Rihanna has become the "It" girl, so it's only natural that media outlets are tripping over one another to feature the singer on their programming. According to the "Queen of Media" herself, Oprah has an interview with Rih Rih in the works, scheduled to air this August on OWN. The network mogul revealed this after Rihanna fans tweeted Oprah about a possible interview with the performer.

Seeing as how her network's numbers have been repeatedly low, it seems as if Oprah or someone at OWN has decided to focus on pop culture. The Rihanna announcement comes directly after Oprah's recent interviews with 50 Cent and the Kardashian family. Although Oprah and Rihanna have yet to have a public sit-down, the former talk show host dedicated an episode specifically to domestic abuse following her incident with Chris Brown. Given the Bajan singer's penchant for shutting down journalists who get too close to topics she refuses to discuss, will she go that far with Oprah?

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