Otis Williams:<br />
The Temptations' Soul Survivor [INTERVIEW]

Otis Williams:
The Temptations' Soul Survivor [INTERVIEW]

A founding member of the legendary group, Williams speaks on his musical legacy, R&B today and being the last Temp standing

Chris Williams

by Chris Williams, June 25, 2013

Otis Williams:<br />
The Temptations' Soul Survivor [INTERVIEW]

Otis Williams of The Temptations

really isn’t a track there either. I like John Legend, but if you asked me this same question back in the day, I’d be able to rattle off group after group. But now I have to search to come up with someone who I think is impressive enough for me to say I like them. I also like Jennifer Hudson.  Some of the music is good, but overall I’m not impressed. That’s why Motown’s music, Gamble & Huff’s music, Stax’s music, and a lot of the music that was from the 60s, 70s, and 80s are still popular today because of the lyrics. If you listen to some of the lyrics today, they’re cussing, talking about beating a woman, and all kinds of stuff that leaves me scratching my head. The thing I really can’t understand is how the FCC is allowing this to happen. When we started out, we couldn’t even say the word damn on a record. We’ve become a very decadent society because anything goes for the almighty dollar.

EBONY: What are your feelings about Motown the Musical currently playing on Broadway?

OW: Well, we’re very hopeful now that Mr. Gordy has started the Motown musical. We would like to see The Temptations long story go to Broadway. We’ve been in a holding pattern waiting for Mr. Gordy’s musical to get started. I’m really looking forward to being a part of it when they take our popular miniseries to Broadway, which was released in 1998. We truly have a story to tell. So that’s the thing I’m hopeful for in the coming years.

EBONY: How does it feel to be the last living member of The Temptations and the admiration you continue to receive from your fans?

OW: When I stop and think about me being the sole survior of the Temptations, I’ve often been told by others "God isn’t through with you, Otis. You still have work to do." I’ve said to myself a few times that there must be something to that. For all the guys that I loved and cared for are no longer here and here I am still carrying on in 2013, I’m just in awe. When I go out, I try to dress and blend in with everyone, but people always stop me asking me and telling me I’m one of the Temptations. They always talk to me about our music and how it makes them still feel. I thought I was dressed down, but I always get recognized. It’s really a blessing though to receive the love and admiration from the fans. I can’t complain because I realize our group has played a huge role in people’s lives. I’m fortunate to be a part of something that will outlast us all. I never could’ve imagined receiving all these different accolades in my career.

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