momma joyce lebron james president obama

Mama Joyce Headed for More Reality TV?

by Cecily Michelle

LeBron Accused of Picking Up Groupies at the White House Well, well, well… whaddaya know? LeBron James… Read More

marvin gaye

[VINTAGE VISION] Marvin Gaye Gets It On

by Michael A. Gonzales

Earlier this week, the family of the late musical legend Marvin Gaye was once again in the news when they won a settlement from EMI… Read More

Michelle Obama

Fifty, Fierce and the First Lady

by Michaela angela Davis

“I love your wife.” I’ve had one chance to say one thing to the president of these whole United States… Read More

Quvenzhane Wallis

Quvenzhané Making Money

by Michael Arceneaux

I knew it wouldn’t be long now before someone accused Beyoncé of biting someone. According to a source… Read More

Happily Ever After?<br />
The Secret Is Laughter

Happily Ever After?
The Secret Is Laughter

by Denene Millner

I ask longtime couples, “Do you laugh together a lot?” Always, the answer is, “Yes.” That explains why what they have works:… Read More

White People Crazy

‘White People Crazy,’ Record of the Year

by Jamilah Lemieux

By now, I hope you’ve heard rapper Rawcus’ soon-to-be viral hit “White People Crazy.”… Read More

Ice Cube Ride Along

Ice Cube’s Return to Gangsta [INTERVIEW]

by Kelley L. Carter

Ice Cube, in case you were wondering, still ain’t the one. The rapper-turned-actor-turned-producer of family-friendly films… Read More

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Wrong Is Still Wrong,
Even When the Victim is KimYe

by Damon Young

I get it. No, really. I do. Trust me. Kanye West is not the easiest person to like. Or defend. His main contribution… Read More

the game ciara nick cannon

Ciara Confirms Pregnancy!

by Cecily Michelle

Nick Cannon Shares the Secret to Keeping His Married Life on Fire I’m sure we’ve all heard the rumor that once… Read More

Amiri Baraka

Amiri Amour:
Baraka in Memorium

by Greg Tate

I think about a time when I will be relaxed. When flames and non-specific passions wear themselves away. And… Read More

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