J. California Cooper

Writer J. California Cooper Dies at 82

by Stephon Wynn

Prolific writer and playwright J. California Cooper has died at the age of 82, a family friend has confirmed to EBONY.com. Cooper… Read More

Breaking Down ‘Bad Feminism’<br />

Breaking Down ‘Bad Feminism’

by Josie Pickens

Our Friday night turn-up destination is packed to capacity. My girlfriend Uche and I have made our circles around, eyeing all things… Read More

Screenwriter Toni Ann Johnson Talks Black Lit and Hollywood

Screenwriter Toni Ann Johnson Talks Black Lit and Hollywood

by Gary Harris

Toni Ann Johnson is a writer for both film (Step Up 2: The Streets) and television (Ruby Bridges, The Courage… Read More

walker dean myers

Walter Dean Myers (1937-2014):
A Remembrance

by Britni Danielle

When we think about the most prolific and important Black writers of the last century, James Baldwin, Zora Neale Hurston, Wright… Read More

mrjeffdess house of haiku Jeffery Dessources

Poet Jeff Dess Deconstructs 'Ratchet'

by Ugi Ugwuomo

“Hunneds!” “Hunneds!!” “HUNNEDS!!!” Victory chants, growing in volume and fervor as… Read More

danny simmons The Brown Beatnik Tomes

Fashion Outsider Wendell Headley Comes to Center Stage

by Souleo

In an unfurnished New York City apartment with bare white walls, Wendell Headley paces the room with an intense energy bordering… Read More

(left) Mervyn Morris and Beverly East

6 Caribbean Writers to Discover This Summer

by Kristin Braswell

There is a place on the South Coast of Jamaica called Treasure Beach where frothy turquoise waves whip violently into jagged rocks… Read More

Lauren Francis-Sharma

'Til the Well Runs Dry':
The Anatomy of a Debut Novel

by Demetria Irwin

Lauren Francis-Sharma’s debut novel ‘Til the Well Runs Dry is a tale of unorthodox love between Marcia Garcia and Farouk Karam… Read More

black african american ultimate spider man

Make Mine Marvel Studios!

by Miles Marshall Lewis

Comic books taught me to read by the age of 4 (yeah, OK, shout-out to Sesame Street too), and the mainstream sway of superheroes… Read More

Nathan McCall Makes Me Wanna Holler

Nathan McCall:
20 Years After 'Makes Me Wanna Holler'

by Nicholas L. Washington

Nathan McCall has a life that most authors would envy. If one were to stroll across the campus of Emory University, where he… Read More

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