Bionka Takes Great Leaps for Trans Women on ‘Transcendent’<br />

Bionka Takes Great Leaps for Trans Women on ‘Transcendent’

[INTERVIEW] The sole sister on the new Fuse docu-series (debuting Sept. 30) talks transgenderism and representation [read more]

Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan Burns Bright in ‘Fantastic Four’ [INTERVIEW]

by LaToya Cross

Being a hero is nothing new to Michael B. Jordan. A quick glance at his accomplishments, confirms: the Newark, New Jersey native… Read More

Woman Who Says She's Cookie Lyons Is Suing Empire Creator

Woman Who Claims to be Real-Life "Cookie" Suing Empire Creators

by Jezebel

There’s no doubt Cookie Lyons is one of the best (and most fashionable) characters on modern television. Have you ever wondered… Read More

franklin peanuts

Charlie Brown’s Buddy Franklin Turns 47!

by Crystal Shaw King

If you’ve ever checked out a Peanuts comic strip that ran after July 31, 1968, then you’ve… Read More

The Game BET

The Historic Run of "The Game"

by The Washington Post

Where were you when you heard about the 7.7? Ask anyone involved with BET’s comedy “The Game,” and they… Read More

Janine Sherman Barrois

Janine Sherman Barrois Sharpens Her Pen for TV

by Lisa Bonner

“If you look at me,” says writer/executive producer Janine Sherman Barrois, “it’s, ‘hmm, she looks… Read More

Roc Everybody Hates Chris

5 Black Sitcoms to Fill the 'Cosby' Void

by Jamilah Lemieux

I was a Cosby Show Stan for most of my 31 years on this planet and until I was 16, I was under the impression that most… Read More

‘Hollywood Divas’ Paula Jai Parker + Lisa Wu Talk Season 2<br />

‘Hollywood Divas’ Paula Jai Parker + Lisa Wu Talk Season 2

by Felice León

The divas have returned! Hollywood Divas—the TV One reality show featuring Paula Jai Parker (Hustle & Flow)… Read More

alfonso ribeiro

Alfonso Ribeiro: Still Fresh [INTERVIEW]

by Felice León

Alfonso Ribeiro has clocked nearly three decades in the entertainment industry and he’s far from done yet. The 43-year-old… Read More

‘Boris & Nicole’ Brings Black Love to Daytime TV [INTERVIEW]<br />

‘Boris & Nicole’ Brings Black Love to Daytime TV [INTERVIEW]

by Josie Pickens

I began my interview with Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker a bit unusually, as the couple right away answered the questions they’re… Read More

Dear MTV’s ‘White People’

Dear MTV’s ‘White People’

by Raqiyah Mays

Thanks to social media and the #Blacklivesmatter movement, the phrase “White Silence = White Consent” has circulated… Read More

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