Producer and Reality Star Stevie J. Talks Music, Relationships and of course, Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta

Producer and Reality Star Stevie J. Talks Music, Relationships and of course, Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta

Is he really the bad guy he seems to be on TV?

Steve Rivers

by Steve Rivers, July 24, 2012

Producer and Reality Star Stevie J. Talks Music, Relationships and of course, Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta

Stevie J.

There aren’t many labels that had a run comparable to Bad Boy Entertainment in the late 90’s to early 2000’s. Songs like “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down,” “Only You,” “Nasty Boy,” and several other platinum hits are considered classic records in Hip-Hop and R&B history. If people found out that the musical genius behind records such as these was also the same man who’s managed to captivate millions of viewers each Monday night on what is known as “ratchet TV,” they’d be amazed. Legendary music producer Stevie J. has a discography that includes the likes of Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, LL Cool J, Lil’ Kim, R. Kelly and a list of countless others that would make your head spin. However, the infamous member of the Hitmen production team isn’t only amazing people with his production credits; he’s also the star of VH-1’s Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta.

The reality show is a spin-off of the very successful New York City versions, which centered on Dipset’s own Jim Jones and his soon-to-be-wife Chrissy Lampkin. While the previous seasons were packed with its fair share of drama, it pales in comparison to what LHHA has brought to the table in its very short existence. The former Bad Boy sat with EBONY and spoke on the controversial show, his persona, Bad Boy and much, much more!

EBONY: Being the legendary producer that you are, how has Love & Hip-Hop affected your overall brand?

Stevie J: I don’t think it’s affected me in a negative way, which is what you think when you hear words like “affect.” It’s honestly helped blossom a lot of things as well as reach the youth. Being that I haven’t been out musically in a while, when they Google me, they can see a lot of my accomplishments. Now I have managers, labels and a bunch of other people calling me…It’s a great atmosphere for me right now!

EBONY: What would you say to people that have a negative opinion of the Stevie J. that’s seen on TV, or those that feel it’s just an act for the camera?

Stevie J: Well, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, just like they’re not immune to doing something wrong. I just live my life and try to be me. I don’t want anyone trying to pattern themselves after me or anything like that. The negative opinions don’t really matter to me. My kids are doing great; my family’s doing great…Life goes on. Anyone that dwells on another person, I feel is wasting their time.  Instead of worrying about me, people should figure out how they can make the world a better place, themselves. As far as this being an act for television; you can just ask people that know me. You’ll have to watch the whole season to get an idea of who Stevie J is. You’ve gotta get yourself ‘The Full Monty’. Trust me; you’ll definitely get a chance to see more of Stevie J [laughs].

EBONY: With regards to what we’ve seen so far, how would you describe your current relationships with Joseline & Mimi?

Stevie J: It’s a love relationship, work relationship, family, friendship; it’s all of the above. Whenever I go in with a person, I go in all the way and it’s all the emotions tied together. Love is love [laughs].

EBONY: Has the show changed your stance on mixing business with pleasure?

Stevie J: [laughs]. I mean…you say (Poe-Tay-Toe), I say (Poe-Tah-Toe). That’s a good question; I’m kinda stumped with that one. At the end of the day, I’m just gonna be me. But hopefully, I’ve had enough business and pleasure.

EBONY: Is there anything that you’d do differently?

Stevie J: Definitely! It’s like an exam. You know how you’ll miss a couple questions here and there, but life goes on and you can’t dwell in the past. You live; you learn and hope to be a better person is all you can do.

EBONY: Given the fact that you and Mimi have a mutual daughter, if and when she sees the show, what advice would you give her if she wanted to date a guy that was exactly like you?

Stevie J: Being that I raise my daughter, she knows me, she sees me, so she knows I’m still her dad, I’m that dude! No matter what, she knows right from wrong. It’s kinda like, when I tell her not to go into the kitchen because it’s hot, she’ll say “hot.” It’s the same thing when you see something that you don’t like about somebody, it’s “hot” and you should stay away from them.

EBONY: Speaking of not liking someone, have you and Lil Scrappy spoken since the altercation, and is it possible that we’ll ever see the two of you working together in the future?

Stevie J: All I wanna do is work! I have

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