Producer and Reality Star Stevie J. Talks Music, Relationships and of course, Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta

Producer and Reality Star Stevie J. Talks Music, Relationships and of course, Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta

Is he really the bad guy he seems to be on TV?

Steve Rivers

by Steve Rivers, July 24, 2012

Producer and Reality Star Stevie J. Talks Music, Relationships and of course, Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta

Stevie J.

no problem with Scrappy. I feel like, at this point in his career, he can make a few hits and solidify himself even further in Atlanta as well as Hip-Hop in general. I’m definitely wit’ it. All I wanna do is make music and be happy, and that’s it.

EBONY: What’s next for Stevie J, musically?

Stevie J: The next thing for Stevie J musically is to keep it coming! I have a bunch of new artists that I’m working with under my label, Danger Zone Entertainment. I have a female group out of Harlem by the name of B.B.O.D. (Bad Beauties On Deck), a Brooklyn artist by the name of Lenny Lo; I have a very talented skateboarding rap artist by the name of Eddie RapLife. I also have a talented female artist named Taryn Grant as well as a group called the Magnificent 757’s with Benzino. It’s actually an entire band. You might’ve seen them on the last episode, and they’ll be on a couple more.

In addition to those new artists, I’m also working on Beyonce and Kanye (West) right now. I also have my album coming…We working!

EBONY: Tell us about the Beyonce & Kanye collaborations, as well as your album.

Stevie J: As of right now, we’re just in the early production stages. We’re getting the beats and songs ready, but I feel like the projects are gonna be big! As far as my album, I’ve been working on it for a while. I believe that timing is everything and it’s definitely time…Divine timing, so to speak. I got to work with producers like Bink, The Justice League, The Renegades and a bunch of other cats, both new and old.

EBONY: Will Diddy make an appearance?

Stevie J: We’ll have to see because the album isn’t done yet. More than likely, I’ll get a “Yeah, uh-huh” or “Take-Dat” from him. But, you can expect it to drop between September and October of this year.

EBONY: Will your project be the first released under your label, and will Joseline make an appearance?

Stevie J: Yes. I feel like the world’s been waiting long enough for a project from me. I know I’ve been waiting long enough! 14 songs including interludes, intro/outro, and it’s really an amazing piece of work. I’m excited!

I definitely have Joseline on the album, along with another Latin artist named Sly D’Antoni. BBOD’s on the album, Lenny Lo’s on the album, Taryn Grant, French Montana, Curren$y, and of course, Biggie!

EBONY: You mentioned French Montana, who is part of Diddy’s new Bad Boy 2.0 re-launch. Which new artists are you checking for, and what do you think about the new direction of Bad Boy?

Stevie J: I like Big Sean, Wale, French [Montana]…There’s a lot of young talent coming up. I’m really excited about the music that’s coming out of Bad Boy, because it’s a pillar for Hip-Hop and music in general. It’s not just a Hip-Hop label, it’s a pop-icon type of brand and I believe Diddy knows what he’s doing. You’ve got artists like Red Café, [King] Los, French [Montana], MGK (Machine Gun Kelly), Cassie and of course Diddy! You know he’ll jump on something and scream, of course going H.A.M. the way he knows. It’s honestly a winning combination!

EBONY: With that being said, is there any possibility of you working with any of Diddy’s new roster of talent?

Stevie J: Of course! We’re in Daddy’s House [Recording Studio] right now! Look at all these plaques on the wall. Faith Evans, 112, the whole No Way Out is all me, Total…that answers your question [laughs]. We [Diddy & I] started with the music, that’s the way we’ll end.

EBONY: In the past, Diddy has explained what it means to be a “Star” and defined it for people. How would you define the term, and would you classify any of the artists on your label as such?

Stevie J: A star has to do with the qualities they possess, the energy you feel when you’re around them, their approach…it’s just a feeling of energy you get in their presence. It’s almost like a glow when you’re next to them. Biggie was a star, Pac was a star, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Prince, Beyonce, [Lil] Wayne…they’re all stars. You can feel it whenever you are/were around any of them.

As far as the artists on Danger Zone, I feel that all of them are stars within their own right. It’s a process of development, the right songs, grooming techniques, and you’ll eventually get there.

EBONY: When can we expect Joseline’s debut?

Stevie J: Her project is being worked on right now. We’ve got a single on called “Bailar,” which we were supposed to shoot the video for on July 19th, but I’ve got to fly to Virginia. But, I’m taking my time with her project and

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