Robert Glasper:<br />
A Message in the Music

Robert Glasper:
A Message in the Music

The genius of 'Black Radio' speaks on his latest sound and how he plans to change music as we know it

by Souleo, June 06, 2013

Robert Glasper:<br />
A Message in the Music

Robert Glasper

lyrics and an image that was against everything conscious you stand for—for example someone like Fat Joe?

RG: I don’t mind collaborating with somebody who is against what I do because in my mind I will reach his audience. That’s like Jesus going to the bars to preach. You can’t just preach in the church because those are the people already trying to change. You want to go to a place where people aren’t trying to change. So if it is Fat Joe or somebody against something I am for, I will still collaborate with them because now I get a chance to reach and try to change his audience. So you gotta go to the fire and you have to put some water on it.

EBONY: So many people cover the jazz standards. With your approach you cover some jazz songs but with a hip-hop/R&B influence. Do you see yourself as creating new standards of jazz music?

RG: I am all about not doing something somebody else did. I will do it in a way you didn’t think of dong it. I want to ask artists what are you dong now that hasn't been done? So many of them do the same things and have the same subject matter about the clubs and it’s annoying. What are you doing to make history and a mark on people twenty years from now? We have to make our own history. The more you recreate history the more you erase your own history.



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