Rosario Dawson Takes a Serious Turn in âTranceâ

Rosario Dawson Takes a Serious Turn in ‘Trance’

From 'Kids' to '25th Hour' to 'Death Proof,' the versatile actress always rises to the occasion. 'Trance' brings her even closer to Oscar-nom territory

Kelley L. Carter

by Kelley L. Carter, April 08, 2013

Rosario Dawson Takes a Serious Turn in âTranceâ

get my hands dirty, and I think it’s great when you get to do that with a group of people who are also interested in that type of storytelling.

Like Danny Boyle: he doesn’t just do that same movie over and over again. He leaps from genre to genre, he keeps it risky for himself and I think he delights in that. We talked about that a lot. This film is a risky movie. It’s not what people are expecting from him or any of us. It’s not a movie that you can guess the ending of in the first five minutes; it really is smart. So who knows if it’s going to work or not? But we’re going to all get down and dirty and make it happen, and respect it for what it is. Hopefully people will watch and enjoy it.

EBONY: You’re a woman of color, and that’s never seemed to limit you in your career. Has it been as easy as you make it look?

RD: Thank you. I think it’s an interesting thing, because to say that being a woman of color in this industry doesn’t have particularities, I think is naïve. Do I not even get considered for parts because of the way I look? Absolutely. But at the same time, I also have access to other parts because of it, and I think because I’m multiracial, it gives me a leeway and an allowance to play a lot of different types of women.

I just feel like studios are like, “You can play against anybody. White, Black, brown. I feel like I could see you in a couple with almost anyone.” And that’s been really, really great to not be pigeonholed in one way. I have a friend that’s blonde haired, blue eyed— quintessential Hollywood starlet—and she told me years ago, “Rosario, Don’t worry about it. You will always work.” And I was like, “Well, I don’t know about that. I’ve always been waiting for the Apollo hook to come and yank me off whatever set I’m on to tell me to get a real job!”

And she’s like, “No, you will always work. I’m more worried about my career, because there’s a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl who shows up in Hollywood every single day looking to do what I do and take my part. But there’s not very many people who look like you, and that’s an asset.”

Now, will there be some people who are jerks and don’t want to see me because of the way I look? Absolutely. We’re here doing storytelling. It’s about imagination and creativity, and you’ve just let me know that you have no imagination and you’re not creative. So thank you very much. I clearly don’t want to work with you, and let me get back on my journey to find those right people to work with. And that can be a great thing.

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