Sadeqa Johnson Packs âLove in a Carry-on Bagâ

Sadeqa Johnson Packs “Love in a Carry-on Bag”

Get to know the author behind one of this summer’s hottest books

Sadeqa Johnson Packs âLove in a Carry-on Bagâ

Sadeqa Johnson

in Hampton [Virginia] and I was in Boston. I'm worn out but I'm moving.

EBONY: One of the ways you’re able to keep moving and keep peace when things get chaotic is through meditation and you even teach a free class on it in your neighborhood.  What are the main things you focus on when you meditate? Describe that process for us.

SJ: I meditate for twenty minutes in the morning and evening, and it basically gives me the peace that my soul is craving and makes my life more stable.  I practice transcendental meditation. I practice silence. I go and ask myself three questions: “Who am I? What is my purpose and how can I serve?”  I try to quiet my mind and chase extra thoughts away.  

When I’m leading a group meditation, we sit together and let try not to think anything and just connect with my inner self without feeling that negative energy that negative shift.  The idea is almost like in church, when two or more people are listening for God’s answer, you offset ten thousand people who aren’t.  The answers come back later.  But just watch how your life changes after meditation. My intuition is stronger. I don’t have to go looking for stuff anymore. Whatever I need, I know we will cross paths. And peace is just there. I don’t spread other people’s anger, I don’t even tell people about a a little negative experience I had with a customer service representative, I deflect it and absorb positive energy.

Even when negative things happen, there’s this peace to knowing you are exactly where you're supposed to be at this moment.  This moment is perfect.

That’s such a great gift for me to give back to my community; just me being at peace can offset so much negativity.

It’s so unfortunate that I had to go outside of my community for yoga or meditation because it's not what we're accustomed to teach African American women. But it’s so beautiful and joyous to me that I gladly teach it for free and hope more people in our community open themselves up to this.

EBONY: That is so inspiring. So have you heard the answer to your question “what is my purpose?” What do you hope to achieve through your book, your publishing company, teaching meditation and your future projects?

SJ: With the book, I don’t want people to walk away thinking they wasted their time and money. I want them to enjoy it and relate to it and be anxious to read my next book. I want them to walk away feeling like they've discovered something about themselves.

And just overall, I hope to encourage people to just be open to more good than you have ever experienced and just realize that everything is really possible you just have to open your mind and live right and just be patient as the dream unfolds.  

You can purchase Love in a Carry-on Bag online here and find out when Sadeqa’s coming to your town here.

Brooke Obie writes the award-winning blog DCDistrictDiva.com .  Follow her on Twitter @DCDistrictDiva.

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