SIDE EYES, CHURCH WAVES: Mary Mary Episode 8 Recap
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to learning.

While at their Sony meeting, Mary Mary belt out “Say A Good Prayer”, an unrecorded cut...yasssssssss! Beautiful. They should replace the Ma$e song with this one. Stat.

“Go Get It” has become my anthem. Every time they play this while meeting with the executives, I hit my good church rock. “It’s your tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!”

The Fashion Fair-ish chocolate raspberry lipstick that Erica is rocking during her confessional? A glorious throwback. Erica is reppin’ for us late 80s teenagers. Oh, the nostalgia. I might need to grab a tube for old times’ sake.

“I should have sat down.”---Erica, as a result of labor pains. I’ll allow the poor grammar to slide. What I will salute is the truth that has FINALLY set Erica free and invoked labor.

What’d YOU think of this week’s episode?

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