Oprahâs Latest Reality Show Stars âSix Little McGheesâ

Oprah’s Latest Reality Show Stars ‘Six Little McGhees’

The OWN Series Features Columbus, Ohio’s First Sextuplets

Brooke Obie

by Brooke Obie, December 14, 2012

Oprahâs Latest Reality Show Stars âSix Little McGheesâ

High School sweethearts and small-business owners Mia and Rozonno (Ro) McGhee had always wanted a family. But after 10 years of marriage and several unsuccessful attempts, Mia and Ro received some astonishing news: they were having sextuplets!  After the birth of their six little miracles –and Columbus, Ohio’s first set of sextuplets—on  June 9, 2010, Mia posted a picture of her family on Facebook and the photo immediately went viral, capturing the hearts of people across the world, including Oprah Winfrey.  After Oprah featured the family on The Oprah Winfrey Show, the McGees are back with their own Oprah Winfrey Network reality show Six Little McGhees, premiering Saturday, December 15 at 10 p.m and airing every Saturday afterward at 9 p.m.  EBONY.com caught up with the busy parents to find out  how they juggle it all.

EBONY: Through your first family photo that went viral and your appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, people the world over feel like they know your family. What inspired you to let the world all the way into your life through your new reality show?

Mia McGhee:  It was really Oprah. We just felt so comfortable with her and the reputation she built. After appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show, we received thousands of emails from people all over the world telling us how our story inspired them. It really inspired us to want to do a reality show and we do feel like we have a story to tell that can help other people.

Ro McGhee: It was very easy [to make the decision to do a show].  It made us feel so good to know that people wanted to continue on in their journey to have children because they saw that we can do it and they can stay married too and raise a family too. We were so blown away by it that it was easy for us to make the decision.

EBONY: You’ve shared a lot about what a struggle it was, not only to conceive but also to carry children to full-term.  Before the sextuplets, you spoke about a heartbreaking miscarriage you suffered with your twins.  How were you able to get through that time and even try to have children again after that?

MM:  After we lost the twins, that was heart-breaking for me. It was terrible. My husband is the one who kept me going, though. I didn’t want to try again. That was the hardest thing I’ve ever faced in my life. But he said, “We know what the solution is and what we can do to get your pregnant, so let’s go ahead and try again.” That was July 2009 when I miscarried and then I tried again November and I was really in the slums then and I just didn’t want to face that again.

I knew how much we really wanted it. We’re really involved in our nieces’ lives and we love children and we wanted a family so I said, “Let’s try again.”

EBONY: What kept you so strong for your wife, Ro, in encouraging her to try for a family again?

RM: I knew how much we really wanted it.  We’re really involved in our nieces’ lives and we love children and we wanted a family so I said, “Let’s try again.” It was the feeling that I had that really knowing that we could do this, we could have children, and boy was God good!

EBONY: Even carrying sextuplets was a risk in itself. How did you get through that pregnancy and did you feel that the miscarriage you suffered prepared you to handle six children?

MM:  I think so. That was a part of our journey that was supposed to happen. If I’d never lost the kids, I never would never have known how that felt, so when I found out that I was having sextuplets and I was urged to do a selective reduction because it would’ve been safer on my body to have twins, I said, “I can’t do that. I was very passionate at that point. I didn’t like the situation that was given to me, but I love my kids and I couldn’t face God on judgment day. I was like, “You know what? Yes, if they need to perish, He will do it. I can’t do it. It won’t be on my hands.” So, [going through the miscarriage] made me very passionate.

RM: Going through those crossroads, it really made us grateful to God, also. I’m appreciate and we are grateful waking up to six runny noses and all that.  With everything we have going on, I try to remain positive and I want to raise children in a positive atmosphere. I might be livid, but I always try to look at the positive side.  I think it’s a sacrifice you have to make. How do you want to raise your family? Do you want to be bitter and upset or do you just compromise and make it work. I always want

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