'Slavery By Another Name' and 'The Interrupters' in Dialogue

'Slavery By Another Name' and 'The Interrupters' in Dialogue

Two powerful documentaries explore modern-day oppression and freedom fighters

Mychal Denzel Smith

by Mychal Denzel Smith, February 16, 2012

'Slavery By Another Name' and 'The Interrupters' in Dialogue

members of CeaseFire choose to go directly into the neighborhoods, the neighborhoods that are their own, and speak directly to those caught up in violence as a norm. They do their best to diffuse situations and appeal to the better angels inside all of these young Black souls.

The Interrupters shows the potential healing that can occur when you stop addressing Black youth through a tragic lens that views them as problems to be solved and start talking to them as human beings. Because if you put the knives in their hands for them, what makes you think they won’t stab?

Of course the issue doesn’t begin and end with the ways in which Black people police their own communities. Without concurrent work to repeal regressive laws and adjust the ways Black communities are policed by the state, only a few of the problems get solved. Without a passion to see things changed, none of them are. 

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