SNEAK PEEK! Platinum Sequel Promises More Dirt, More Scandal

SNEAK PEEK! Platinum Sequel Promises More Dirt, More Scandal

Aliya S. King’s latest book Diamond Life—the follow-up to her celeb-dripping, best-seller Platinum—tops our reading list. Read on for an exclusive excerpt

Aliya S. King

by Aliya S. King, February 03, 2012

SNEAK PEEK! Platinum Sequel Promises More Dirt, More Scandal

Exclusive Excerpt: Diamond Life, read chapter 4!

she  wants  to do,"  Ras said.  "I  have  not seen her  in a year, Josephine. She's  pissed that  I walked away for­ ever and she doesn't want  to see us happy."

"I've tried  ..." Josephine said, her  eyes on the floor. "I've  tried to put all of this behind us. But seeing  her tonight ..."

Josephine stopped talking. She  looked  as if she were  suddenlygasping for  breath. Ras eased  her  back  on  the  bed  and  lay with her, holding her  as she struggled to speak. "I am so sorry  I hurt you," Ras said. "I am  so so sorry."

"She  came  to  my  office, Ras!" Josephine sobbed. "Don't  you remember?"

Ras nodded, a lump in his throat.

"And you-you   did   such   awful  things   with    her.   Dirty, nasty ..."

"You said you were not going  to read  that  book." Josephine stood  and  lifted  her suitcase  to the floor. "Can we get a restraining order?" she asked  Ras. "First thing in the morning."

"What if she  comes  here?   What if she  wants to  hurt  me  or Reina?"

Ras shook his head.

"We  have  two  full-time security guards here.  No  one is coming on this property unless  we've invited them."

"I'm not always here. I go to the market. I take  Reina  out ..." Josephine shook  her  head.  "This bitch  is going to have  me  be a prisoner in my own  home."

"I will not let that  happen."

"You're the  one  who  brought this  on  us in the  first  place.  If you could  keep  your dick  in your  pants,  we wouldn't have  to deal with this shit."

Ras kept  his mouth shut. He wanted to protest. But there was nothing he could  say.

"We're not  just dealing with  a random groupie here," Josephine  said.

"I know."

"You  were  in  a relationship with  her.  You were  in love  with her." Josephine looked  away and  shrugged her shoulders. "Sometimes I think you still are." "I told you I haven't spoken to her in over a year."

"What does that  mean? That your feelings for her  magically evaporated? That's not how  that   works. God knows, if it did work that  way, I would have  left  you a long  time  ago.  Nothing's changed. Moving five hundred miles away doesn't end a relationship with someone."

Ras sighed heavily. "Then what does?"

Josephine leaned against their bedroom door. "I wouldn't know."

Ras watched his wife turn the knob and go out into the  hall to check  on  the  baby.  He realized his jaw was throbbing from clenching his teeth so hard. He'd worked on his wife for a year. He'd catered to her every whim. He traveled rarely  without her and   the   baby.  He showered her with attention and affection, checked in with her hourly when he was in the studio. And now a five-minute visit from Cleo was threatening to ruin it all. Ras relived the scene in the restaurant and two things were going to bother him until he dealt with them.

First, he needed to know why Cleo really came to Jamaica. And then he needed to figure out why on God's green earth he still desperately wanted to f*ck her.  

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