Soul Survivor: Leela James Pays Tribute to Etta James With New Album<br />

Soul Survivor: Leela James Pays Tribute to Etta James With New Album

James' Latest Project Aims To Keep The Legendary Singer Alive For the Next Generation

Soul Survivor: Leela James Pays Tribute to Etta James With New Album<br />

Leela James latest record is available via iTunes now!

listeners. It’s a whole new face on the same old body, so to speak, and I think that she’s an artist that didn’t get all the respect, unfortunately, she deserved when she was living.  But even though she’s not here, the legacy of her music will still be kept alive.

EBONY: Did you ever get a chance to meet her before she passed?

LJ: Unfortunately no. That would have been awesome, but I never had the opportunity.

EBONY: You’ve said that singing is your dream job.  What more do you hope to achieve as you’re living out your dream?

LJ: I’m definitely living my dreams, or at least living a part of it. I’m not finished yet. I wouldn’t mind making more music, television, movies. I wouldn’t mind winning a Grammy. I wouldn’t mind working with Lauryn Hill, Prince, Gnarls Barkley, Al Green – just to name a few. I want to play Madison Square Garden -- I could go on. I’m only just getting started.  

EBONY: You’re honoring Etta James’ legacy with your album. What do you hope your own legacy will be?

LJ: I hope that whatever is said about me is all positive and good and people just truly embrace me for making real music, soul music, good music. I hope it will be said that I was a true artist that really, really loved music. But, in the meantime, I definitely appreciate the love and support I’ve been getting from all my fans. I just want everybody to go out and purchase the album, support the project to keep the legacy alive and the spirit of Etta James, come to my shows, buy all my albums and just take this journey with me and let’s just continue to make music!

You can buy Leela's new album “Loving You More...In the Spirit of Etta James,” on iTunes today! To keep up with the latest about Leela, visit her website,

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