Gabby Douglas Spelman College

Spelman Wants Gabby

The famed HBCU is recruiting the Olympic champion very hard

by #teamEBONY, August 9, 2012

Gabby Douglas Spelman College

Gabby Douglas with her Spelman College gift bag.

Olympic superstar Gabby Douglas is officially being recruited by one of the most prestigious universities in the country, Spelman College. School president Beverly Daniel Tatum has even flown to London to get a leg up on the competition.

Tatum, who met with Douglas and gave her a Spelman gift bag, released a statement to TMZ acknowledging the fact that the school would love to get its hands on the gold medal winner:

"A young woman who has demonstrated the drive and discipline needed to achieve world-class excellence is likely to have what it takes to be successful at Spelman, and we would welcome her interest in the college."

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