Still 'Money': Floyd Mayweather Speaks [EXCLUSIVE]

Still 'Money': Floyd Mayweather Speaks [EXCLUSIVE]

The undefeated boxer speaks on family and future

Ericka Blount Danois

by Ericka Blount Danois, May 02, 2013

Still 'Money': Floyd Mayweather Speaks [EXCLUSIVE]

Floyd Mayweather

Mike Tyson come to the gym [when I was younger] and he had them Bentleys and all that fly stuff I was like, 'Damn, that’s nice.' I was like, 'One day.'

All-in-all, I’m at the age where a little 600 Mercedes, a little Cadillac truck, that’s enough for me. I’m an older man now.

EBONY: How do you instill a work ethic in (your kids)?

FM: I want them to have manners, I stress to them to be positive. It’s no different from if somebody’s father or mother was an actor or actress and they were in a movie shooting guns and using fragrant language. I let my kids know that all that I do is a part of my job.  It’s a part of entertainment.

EBONY: How did your experience last summer (in jail) change your life? Do you think you took freedom for granted?

FM: Well who wants to be locked up? Who wants to lose their freedom? There’s nothing cool about being locked up.

I’m one person that’s always honest. In the past you look at incidents where male and female partners had problems and they were famous. If the woman was battered they would have put pictures out there, you don’t think if Floyd Mayweather was kicking and beating a woman they would have said, ‘Look at these photos.’  But I was like you know what, I’m rich, I’m very outspoken, I’m already a fighter, and once someone says that it has to do with someone being touched in a violent way, they already think I’m guilty because I’m a fighter, and they automatically think I resolve all my issues (with violence) because I’m a fighter—which is not true.

I said I’m not going to drag my family through the mud, they’re not gonna put my kids on the stand and make them tell stories that’s not true, for a misdemeanor. This is how the system works: 95% of the cases are taking a deal, so how did we go from 36 years to 90 days? I think it could have been handled a different way. It cost me millions of dollars for something that happened years and years ago. You spend millions and millions of dollars to still get locked up? I might as well keep my money and still take the plea bargain and do that from the beginning.

But we don’t cry over that. My lawyers did what they had to do. I take the good with the good and the bad with the bad. I was incarcerated-- locked up 23 hours a day. You get to come out one hour. My lawyer came every day.—sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. When you are in my shoes you get cases thrown at you all day long.

EBONY: You were a target? 

FM: I’ve done a lot for the city of Las Vegas, I’m gonna continue to do a lot for the city of Las Vegas. I’m not bitter. If the judge says she felt that I had to do time, then I have nothing negative to say about her. I have a positive heart. I don’t have to talk bad about anybody.

EBONY: After these next six fights, what are your plans?

FM: Continue to support my fighters and all fighters in the sport of boxing. First fighter I ever seen die was Duk Koo Kim, he fought Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini at Caesar’s Palace back in the day. When (Marvin) Hagler fought (Tommy) Hearns, I was mad because I liked both of them and I didn’t want anybody to lose. When Tommy Hearns knocked Roberto Duran out I was like—aw, man. I knew Tommy Hearns when he was the Motor City Cobra then he turned into the Hit Man. When Sugar Ray had his comeback fight and fought Kevin Howard and got knocked down. (I really studied the fight game, so) I think one day I will be one of the biggest trainers in the sport.

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