2012 Teen Choice Awards

Actor Tahj Mowry at the '2012 Teen Choice Awards'

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growing up, our whole family had them and it was one of those things I wore and decided I am not taking it off for a TV show. I love Jesus and so it was a good reminder for me as a kid, you know, What Would Jesus Do? And it became this cool thing for other people to see. But I just wore it because I’m a believer.

EBONY: You’ve been in comedy roles your whole life, from Full House to your role on Desperate Housewives. What is your dream role?

TM:  In the future you’re going to see me doing more film. I want to show the more serious side of me as an actor. I just want to be able to showcase my range. I love comedy and I will always love comedy; it’s my home, but I don’t just do comedy and I want to start doing roles that will surprise people. That’s what acting is all about: challenging yourself and doing things people wouldn’t expect.

EBONY: Now that your older sisters [Tia & Tamera] are married and starting families, is that in your near future as well?

TM: I definitely want a family in the near future; I definitely want to find my beautiful wife, but I feel like I need to get a girlfriend first! But I’ve definitely had enough of babies. I was at my sister’s baby shower recently and I was like, ‘damn, everything in my life is babies right now!’  Maybe once I’m done with Baby Daddy I will be ready for that. But definitely marriage in the near future.

Catch up on Season 1 of ABC Family’s ‘Baby Daddy’ here and follow Tahj on Twitter @Tahj_Mowry.

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