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Tamar Braxton & Vincent Herbert Film 'The Braxtons' At The London Eye

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that, so I’m stomping and fighting and throwing so many fits right now because I’m so ready for it to be out!

EBONY: In your own words, tell us who you are as a musician. Who is Tamar Braxton?

TB: It’s opinionated, it’s energetic, it’s fun, it’s sensitive and it’s loving. I’m not perfect and neither is my music. I don’t feel like it’s all the way perfect, because the things that I’m talking about are my real life experiences.

EBONY: Your life has changed so much in the last two years since the reality show first aired. What stands out the most to you?

TB: I think me growing into a more mature woman. I felt like for so long I was just this little sister, and I feel like with me being married and with me taking my business very seriously, I’ve been respected and there’s a certain responsibility with that.

EBONY: What’s the best advice has big sister Toni given you?

TB: Know your work. Sometimes you want things so bad you will kind of lower your standards and I’ve learned that once you do that, it’s really hard to go back, to get people to respect you and respect your craft.