The Kids Are Not Alright:<br />
Baby Thug Rappers Rising (and Falling)

The Kids Are Not Alright:
Baby Thug Rappers Rising (and Falling)

[OPINION] Elijah Watson explores the great tragedy of Chief Keef, Lil' Mouse and other teen rappers selling stories of drugs, sex and violence

by Elijah Watson, September 07, 2012

The Kids Are Not Alright:<br />
Baby Thug Rappers Rising (and Falling)

Chief Keef

Photo courtesy of HipHopWired

much attention as they have now. It's their age that has us intrigued, and the artist's management and label will take advantage of that, until it runs dry.

Adolescents glorifying youth violence instead of helping get rid of it, and higher-ups profiting from that? Excuse my French, but that's that sh** I don't like.

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