âLong Distance Revolutionaryâ Tells the Mumia Abu-Jamal Story<br />

‘Long Distance Revolutionary’ Tells the Mumia Abu-Jamal Story

Director Stephen Vittoria’s documentary travels the full life of the black nationalist writer before his imprisonment

by fayemi shakur, May 02, 2013

âLong Distance Revolutionaryâ Tells the Mumia Abu-Jamal Story<br />

had already done that well. “There was no new information I could share either for or against Mumia’s case. From a creative standpoint, I wanted to make a film about an unknown story, the impact of his life and his writing on the world. The arc of Mumia’s story is so much greater than one night in 1981, and this film attempts to focus on his complete life,” says Vittoria.

“Mumia has become a symbol for all of us,” Angela Davis said in a recent statement of support. “A symbol of struggle, a symbol of hope. Our final goal is to bring Mumia home. He has spent too many years in those dark chambers of death.”

The film will screen next in Toronto on May 2, and in Mumia’s hometown of Philadelphia on May 3. Long Distance Revolutionary is a compelling film that inspires courage and hope for humanity. 

For updates on screenings and more information about the film check out: www.mumia-themovie.com.

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