Bobby Brown Blasts Bobbi Krisâs Engagement

Bobby Brown Blasts Bobbi Kris’s Engagement

A look at the stunts and shows, highs and lows from this week in Black pop culture

Michael Arceneaux

by Michael Arceneaux, July 18, 2013

Bobby Brown Blasts Bobbi Krisâs Engagement

Timbaland, Tina Turner and Bobby Brown

visualize the product.”

Nicki’s is both an endorser and investor the Mona Scott-Young backed moscato-line, Myx Fusions. [Necole Bitchie]

Everyone give a handclap for Tina Turner and her new husband. The 73-year-old married her long-time partner, 57-year-old Erwin Bach, in a civil ceremony in Switzerland ahead of a Buddhist celebration. [Reuters]

Tameka Raymond may be heading to reality TV. Apparently VH1 is planning a spinoff of Hollywood Exes based in where else but Atlanta. Among the rumored cast members are Tameka, Cee-Lo’s ex-wife Christina Johnson, and two ex-wives of “popular NFL players.” [Talking With Tami]

I didn’t know this, but Stevie J produced Lil’ Kim’s legendary debut single, “No Time.” Speaking with VLAD TV, the producer turned reality star was asked about Lil’ Kim’s transform from beautiful brown girl to Blasian with Penguin from Batman Returns’ bottom half.

On that, Stevie gave a very diplomatic response: “We can only control ourselves. When we look in that mirror and take a good look at the image, only we can be happy with that. Who’s to say a person can’t do what they wanna do if they got the bread?”

He did, however, advise Kim to get over her feud with Nicki Minaj. You know, given she lost anyway. Stevie added, “I wouldn’t beef. I’d just go ahead and say ‘let’s do this together’ and do something that empowers us all.” Well, will you look at that? He dropped a gem. Who knew? [That Grape Juice]

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