Danity Kane Reunites...Sorta, Mr. Marcus Heads to Jail

Danity Kane Reunites...Sorta, Mr. Marcus Heads to Jail

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Michael Arceneaux

by Michael Arceneaux, June 06, 2013

Danity Kane Reunites...Sorta, Mr. Marcus Heads to Jail

Remember them? 

wrote: “There was some backlash about the performance outfits for the Chime concert. Since a woman’s body has been deeply connected to sin, it’s easy to forget all the power and beauty her body and sexuality possesses. Yes, with this power comes great responsibility, but how was Beyoncé’s tasteful outfit irresponsible? Here is the problem I see, a woman’s body is too much power for one woman to have, even Beyoncé. Although we see corporations exploit this power through women and girls, with far less clothing on than Beyoncé, to sell their products, do we protest? But hey, a woman has to be in check, right?” [Jada Pinkett Smith

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you because it’s likely to bitch slap you the second you try. Such is the case for Luo Zilin, first runner up for Naomi Campbell's model competition show The Face, who was fired by her management firm for “unprofessional conduct” and an “unacceptable work ethic.” Zilin is reportedly dating Naomi’s former boyfriend, Russian billionaire Valdimir Doronin. A source said: “It's fair to say that Luo and Vlad met through Naomi, it's really unprofessional of Luo and it's not great behavior on Vlad's behalf.” [Rhymes With Snitch]

For the sake pointing and laughing I’ll note that Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta stars K. Michelle and Ariane are rumored to be dating.

Rumor has it: “K Michelle gave up on men because she can’t find a man who will stay with her. Ariane goes to K Michelle’s shows and sleeps over at K Michele’s apartment on a regular. Don’t be surprised if you see Ariane appear on ‘Love and Hip Hop New York’ with K Michelle.”

I believe this story about as much as I do the one about Fred Flintstone cheating on Barney Rubble with Rosie and George from The Jetsons. [Diary of a Hollywood Street King]

And for your weekly KimYe fix, Kim Kardashian is rumored to be conflicted over who to trust: Kris Jenner or Kanye West. Is there a third option, she probably needs one. Meanwhile, the story goes: “Kris has always been in charge of Kim’s life, starting with the sex tape, and now she wants to make sure she makes as much money as possible off the baby,” the source said. “Kim has always relied on her mom to give her the best advice, but now she’s struggling because Kanye wants to make sure that they don’t overexpose their baby.” [Radar Online]

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