[This Happened] DMX, Meet Dr. Phil

[This Happened] DMX, Meet Dr. Phil

A look at the highs and lows, stunts and shows from this week in Black pop culture

Michael Arceneaux

by Michael Arceneaux, September 12, 2013

[This Happened] DMX, Meet Dr. Phil

says that an abusive relationship stripped her of her confidence, but she “plays it up” to make certain that no one strips her of her joy. [Necole Bitchie]

Ryan Leslie has constantly ducked orders to pay the $1 million reward he promised to a German who returned Leslie’s MacBook, and now they’re repossessing his stuff as a result. Last month, federal marshalls seized Ryan’s fully loaded Cadillac Escalade and placed it on the auction block with the proceeds going to the computer finder. Kids, don’t make promises you can’t keep. [Rhymes With Snitch]

On September 16, DMX will be making an appearance on Dr. Phil. I expect a whole lot of shouting coupled with even more shrieks and screams followed with intense yelling. I’m about to set my DVR. [Dr. Phil]

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