Drive Slow, Idris

Drive Slow, Idris

A look at the highs and lows, stunts and shows from this week in Black pop culture

Michael Arceneaux

by Michael Arceneaux, December 27, 2013

Drive Slow, Idris

Idris Elba

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baby. The two were not dating and according to our source, Crawford believed Amy was on the pill — because that’s what she told him! Carl and Amy have not dated or lived together in over seven years, and this latest child was the result of an offhand, one-time incident where the pair were just being consenting adults having sex. Evelyn didn’t even come into the picture until much later.” [Bossip]

Mathew Knowles skipped his child support hearing – causing his baby mama to once again bash the hell out of him. A source closer to her (doing the dirty work on her behalf) claims, “Alex says she feels like saying to Mathew, ‘If you’re telling the truth, just show up!’” the insider explains. “If he’s as broke as he claims, show up and prove it. Stop taking the cowardly way out.” [Rhymes With Snitch]

On his maybe-pregnant fiancé, Ciara, Future says: We get along; she understands me. We fit each other. I feel like we were destined to be together, and it happened. I wasn’t hurrying up and rushing toward something. I took my time and love came to me. We’re both Scorpios—Scorpios over-love. So we’re just loving each other as hard as possible. I had great relationships before this one. But it’s hard to find somebody you just wanna wake up to every day. Finding someone you really get along with—you wouldn’t even imagine it could be that hard, but it is. [Fader]

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