K. Michelle Finds Love on Vine

K. Michelle, Chris Brown and Beyonce

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of H-Town said, “I think hip-hop need this sh-- man and it’s ni--as who’s pissed off just because they wasn’t mentioned and it’s just like I don’t understand how the ni--a…I’m not justifying sh--, rap is rap. The n----- didn’t say nothing about nobody mother, ni--- ain’t say he wanted five minutes with nobody, he ain’t say he wanted problems, he said these is my ni---s and I’m letting y’all know it’s competition. What’s the problem? That man know I’m where he at.” [MTV Rap Fix]

After Chris Brown blamed recent health problems on the “negativity” he experienced from others, he’s apparently found a way to channel some of that stress. According to a source – who may very well likely be on acid or in need of some Popeye’s combo money – Chris has turned to Lady Jagged Little Pill for comfort. The source claims: “He tried something different: He started meditating for a minute and listened to Alanis Morissette. You know that song she got, ‘That I Would Be Good,’ he had that song on all fu**ing day and was listening to it in his headphones. [It was if] she were speaking directly to him.”

I mean, I guess it’s somewhat plausible. I sure do turn on Mary J. Blige’s My Life album whenever I’m in a down swing. Feel better, Christopher Maurice. Tell your friends to stop telling your business, though. [Hollywood Life]

In other troubled Brown news, Bobbi Kristina Brown has reportedly bailed on appearing on the upcoming season of Celebrity Big Brother – citing “online abuse” over her decision to join the UK-based reality show. You’re Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina. Why were you even entertaining this offer to begin with? [Metro]