Kenya Gets Moore, Beyonce Starts Over

Tamara Mowry-Housley, Kenya Moore and Beyonce 

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Lady, we’re talking about self-actualization: being the change you want to see. It’s also more personal, more revealing. The new album deals with a new breed of women…strong, bold women who are taking their stands and not being marginalized.” No shade to insert, I’m too busy being excited. [The YBF]

As for other new releases, don’t expect much from Beyoncé. The Hollywood Reporter has a new story out that basically says that a fall release is unlikely. I wish you could hear the pain of heart right now. The outlet reports: “Like a record scratching to a halt, Beyonce, 31, is believed to have auditioned more than 50 songs for her much-anticipated fifth studio album but has decided to scrap them all and start over, a source tells THR.” Excuse me, I need a moment to cry silent tears. [The Hollywood Reporter]

It’s Lil’ Kim’s 39th birthday, y’all. Do you know what she wants besides relevance again? A fifth album from Beyonce. Yes, I’m speaking for her. So? Happy Birthday, Queen Bee! You lost me with that Nicki Minaj beef, but I’ll love you forever for those first three albums. [Crunk + Disorderly]

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