[THIS HAPPENED] Lil' Wayne is Sorry and Ciara Loves Future

[THIS HAPPENED] Lil' Wayne is Sorry and Ciara Loves Future

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Michael Arceneaux

by Michael Arceneaux, May 02, 2013

[THIS HAPPENED] Lil' Wayne is Sorry and Ciara Loves Future

Lil' Wayne and Deion Sanders

[Rap-Up really, really wanted to have her baby with Wiz Khalifa by way of natural birth. However, once she found out the baby was breeched, she opted for a c-section. The couple appeared on The Ricki Lake Show to discuss their change in opinion.

Amber said: “At 37 weeks, one of the midwives said that the big lump on top by my ribs was the baby’s head. My midwife was like go to the doctor, get an ultrasound and confirm that he is breeched. Once I confirmed it with the doctor, I decided to have a c-section. At that point, I just wanted my baby.”

Wiz added: “When I found out that he was breeched, it made me feel nervous at first because you don’t want to hear anything bad about a pregnancy. You want it to go how you plan it. Of course it wasn’t with the plan of how we wanted it to happen but as mentally prepared as we were for the water birth we had to get as prepared for the c-section.”

The couple did make an effort to turn their son’s head, only to no avail. They say they will shoot for a natural childbirth for their next child. [Necole Bitchie]

Despite numerous false starts and promises, Lil’ Kim is still promising a comeback album. She has announced that producer Bangladesh will executive produce the new album and its first single. Now, there are rumblings that she might work with Rihanna. I imagine these rumblings were created and exist solely in the minds of Team Kim, as evidenced by a rep for the Queen Bee responding to the talk with, “I can’t confirm anything.” Keep hope alive, though, you never know. [Rhymes With Snitch]

In the third installment of his interview series with Hard Knock TV, legendary Houston rapper Scarface takes shots at those riding the wave of “trap music.” Scarface said, “For somebody to come out and make a trap beat besides Shawty Redd, whatever his name is, the dude that originated trap music. If you are not him then why are you biting his shit…Why does every fucking record sound like one long ass song.”

Days prior, Face Mob took shots at the “whitewashing” of hip-hop, adding, "There's no f*cking way you can tell me that it's not a conspiracy against the Blacks in hip-hop. Because you put out f*cking records that make us look stupid, that make us look dumb." He likes Kendrick Lamar, though. [Smoking Section]

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