No, Serena...No

No, Serena...No

A look at the stunts and shows, highs and lows from this week in Black pop culture

Michael Arceneaux

by Michael Arceneaux, June 20, 2013

No, Serena...No

Serena Williams, Jay-Z and Lil Wayne

Awards claims that he’s practically asking for a lawsuit considering he hasn’t offered much in the way of medical assistance. Her lawyer told the AP, "She had hoped they would truly care about her rather than merely caring about themselves and some imaginary lawsuit they are defending against." [Concrete Loop, Huffington Post]

NeNe Leakes is happy to have you at her wedding – apparently set to film this weekend – only you need to be in tip top shape and if you’re running for office, she’d rather you just stay at home and watch it on TV with the rest of us. Radar Online claims to have obtained the confidentially agreement all guests have to sign before being allowed into the venue.

It is said to request guests “will not be under the influence of any medication or drugs that might impair my physical or mental ability to engage in the Activity or that might impair my judgment while engaging in the Activity.” And promise they are “not currently and during one (1) year from today do not intend to be a candidate for public office.” [Radar Online]

Lil’ Wayne would like you to know that he didn’t mean to step on the American flag at the video shoot for his new single “God Bless Amerika.” The rapper took to Twitter to defend himself from criticism, writing, “I didn’t step on the flag on purpose! It’s a scene in a video where the flag drops behind me and after it drop it’s just there as I perform.” But yeah, the flag isn’t supposed to fall to the ground at all, so there’s that. [Hip Hollywood]

It appears that Beyoncé will continue making us wait for new music. Ne-Yo, otherwise known as the mouth of the South, told Beyoncé’s business in a new Billboard interview. On her long-awaited fifth album, the singer-songwriter and A&R exec said:

"I'm still putting stuff together for Beyoncé’s album. They're still trying to figure out what they want that to be, which I'm not mad at. Beyonce's the kind of artist where you're not gonna see it till it's right. And her fans -- they love her so they'll be patient."

Patient? Maybe he was talking about some of y’all. I’m anxious and tired of waiting, but I have no choice so… [Billboard]

Jay-Z may be boasting that he’s leading in charge when it comes to creating “the new rules” of the music industry, the industry itself says it’s sticking to the old ways as it relates to Samsung purchasing a million copies of his upcoming album, Magna Carta Holy Grail. A Nielson rep told MTV, “Nielsen doesn’t count bulk sales.” Jay’s label is still negotiating to get the bulk purchases counted in his official sales tally, though. [Smoking Section]

And if you’ve just awakened from your cocoon, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have welcomed their baby girl a month early. There’s no official name out yet, but once assumes it’ll include the letter K and the word Donda. Enjoy these precious moments of of little to no details about the KimYe baby. It won’t be long now before Kris Jenner works her magic and has a full series order chronicling everything from her first steps to her potty training.

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