Yeezus Talks, Erykah Drags

Yeezus Talks, Erykah Drags

A look at the stunts and shows, highs and lows from this week in Black Pop Culture

Michael Arceneaux

by Michael Arceneaux, June 13, 2013

Yeezus Talks, Erykah Drags

Kanye West and Erykah Badu

The increasingly elusive but fatefully confident Kanye West gave an extensive interview to the New York Times’ Jon Caramanica. In the interview, ‘Ye opened up about his new album, the previous release, his family and his future.

On the KimYe baby coming: “Well, I just don’t want to talk to America about my family. Like, this is my baby. This isn’t America’s baby.”

On Yeezus: “This album is moments that I haven’t done before, like just my voice and drums. What people call a rant — but put it next to just a drumbeat, and it cuts to the level of, like, Run-D.M.C. or KRS-One. The last record I can remember — and I’m going to name records that you’ll think are cheesy — but like, J-Kwon, ‘Tipsy.’ People would think that’s like a lower-quality, less intellectual form of hip-hop, but that’s always my No. 1.”

On My Dark Twisted Fantasy: “’Dark Fantasy’ was my long, backhanded apology. You know how people give a backhanded compliment? It was a backhanded apology. It was like, all these raps, all these sonic acrobatics. I was like: ‘Let me show you guys what I can do, and please accept me back. You want to have me on your shelves.’”

On his future: “I will be the leader of a company that ends up being worth billions of dollars, because I got the answers. I understand culture. I am the nucleus."

And for the record, he’s not apologizing for any of his past stunts and shows. [The New York Times]

So apparently, there were rumors floating that Keri Hilson’s boyfriend, Oklahoma City Thunder power forward Serge Ibaka, knocked up the singer-songwriter and that she’d be taking a hefty break from music. Not exactly the worst idea between her royalties and his NBA contract. However, the popular Beyhive target took to Twitter to refute the speculation – letting it be known that she’s not about to be somebody’s mama just yet.

Keri wrote: “I get how you could THINK you found clues to that conclusion you conjured...but I'm NOT pregnant. Those "clues" are unrelated & exaggerated. I'm not TAKING a leave of absence, I TOOK a leave of absence. Decided to finally let my fans know that I did indeed step away for a while... Thought addressing that would help CLEAR some confusion but it created more o_O And you wonder why I choose to be quiet/private these days! I was simply showing appreciation 4 fans who stayed down during a hiatus that I never addressed. M'kay? Besides that... *runs to gym*” [Keri Hilson]

There’s growing speculation that Debbie Rowe, the supplier of Michael Jackson’s white babies, might be stepping in to take over the role of primary guardian of Paris Jackson in light of her alleged suicide attempt. However, the latest word is that Debbie will continue to play her position – in the background. Rowe has reportedly offered to allow Paris to say with her the entire summer if she’d like, but she’s not going to fight the Jackson family for full custody. A source says “would be willing to have Paris live with her indefinitely but would want Jacko’s mother to remain involved as guardian.” Okay, screw that source and use of the term “Jacko.” Anyway, Debbie will only become guardian if all parties involved agree to it. It doesn’t sound like a bad idea given she’s the birth mother, Mama Katherine is old, and the co-guardian, uncle-cousin T.J. Jackson, lives hours away from Michael’s kids. [New York Daily News]

I’m going to go out on a limb and say Jill Scott probably saw, or at the very least, heard about Miley Cyrus twerking on stage with Juicy J, plus the sudden interest in the style of dancing from those living on the paler side of life. So when she took to Twitter to say the following, I figured she was being fallacious albeit with a whiff of truth sneaked in: “Twerking was invented when some woman of African descent ran out of toilet paper. There’s plenty now. Kmart, 7-eleven, target..good prices 2.” This made a few of your cousins mad. Yeah, get over it. [Clutch]

If you come for Erykah Badu’s neck, she just might scalp you bald. Such was the case for a Twitter who got really slick with the soul singer – and Badu has no regrets about it. On that Twitter fight, Badu said, “I just had to bully control. I’m laughing the whole time. I didn’t have anything else to do, it was just fun. I thought that to take the old-school approach would be a bully un-maker. It brings the bullies down to size every time.”

She doesn’t care if you think she ought to be above such antics either, adding, “But then you get people commenting and

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