[INTERVIEW] Tia and Tamera on Marriage and Motherhood

[INTERVIEW] Tia and Tamera on Marriage and Motherhood

Tia Spills on ‘The Game’ and the Reality TV Twins Gush About the Loves of Their Lives

Brooke Obie

by Brooke Obie, October 17, 2012

[INTERVIEW] Tia and Tamera on Marriage and Motherhood

Tia & Tamera

Photo courtesy of Sisterly Love: Tia & Tamera TwitPics

there’s a beginning and an end. The end is always sad, but there’s always something on the other end of the tunnel. With that said, I think everything happens for a reason. I was on the show for 5 years, we had an amazing run and I enjoy every part of being on the game. But you have to move on and that’s basically what happened. There were some changes, you know, and I’m happy about those changes. I’m happy with my decision to move on. There are so many things that I’m doing [Her ABC Family movie ‘The Mistle-Tones’ will air this winter].  I have so much more to offer to myself and to my fans.  I don’t know how [it’s] going to work, but if they have me come back and do a guest spot on the show or something like that, that would be cool.

EBONY: That’s great that there is no animosity there. You’ve definitely handled this situation with such grace and positivity. The negativity that can surround some celebrities just does not surround you and your sister. How are you able to stay above a lot of the negativity that you face in the entertainment industry?

TIA: Well, this world is a crazy place. The reality is we’re not here for a long time. With that said, I like to choose to focus on the positive because whatever you throw out comes back at you. I believe if you’re a good-hearted person that will definitely come back to you. Are things perfect? No. But I’m going to focus on the positive and you can be negative all by yourself.  Happiness is a choice. And I’ve also found that someone who wants to focus on the negative won’t want to be around someone positive. Maybe that’s the formula right there!

You can catch the second season of Tia & Tamera on Style Network.

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