Trey Songz Talks New Tour, Twitter Beef, and How to Make V-Day Extra Sexy!

Trey Songz Talks New Tour, Twitter Beef, and How to Make V-Day Extra Sexy!

Trey Songz chats exclusively with on Anticipation 2 tour, Chapter V album, touring with Big Sean, and how men can make Valentine's Day extra sexy for the ladies!

Geneva S. Thomas

by Geneva S. Thomas, February 06, 2012

Trey Songz Talks New Tour, Twitter Beef, and How to Make V-Day Extra Sexy!

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Wasn’t this guy just on tour?! Ripping off sweaty white tees before a stadium of screaming grown women and pubescent girls; his sexy guzzled through radio, and his songs or shall we say songz , no doubt a top the charts. Now as Trey Songz, 27, stuffs his face with a plate full of scrambled eggs, the Grammy-nominated leader of new R&B and Hip Hop cool—and easily one the hardest men in showbiz—talks exclusively with on his plans for not slowing down with a new tour starting February 9th, and a new album “Chapter V” in stores this summer! Dude! You’re on the road again?!

Trey Songz: I’m very excited about the Anticipation 2 Tour! The brand itself is a concrete staple in my career since I put out the first mixtape in 2009. My fans say that they are better then some of my albums, I guess it is the continuity and mood that it puts people in. This time before my album comes out, ‘Chapter V’, my fans harassed and hit me up asking when was the album coming out! I told them that Anticipation 2 would be coming about thirty days before the album release. It was a surprise for the fans and they appreciated it. The fans are use to me having an album out every year and going on tour about eight or nine moths out of that year, so I decided to do something unique and go on tour off of the Anticipation mixtapes, versus having them wait for the album. I’m taking my same approach that I take with my music to the tour —making everything s​mall, personal, and exclusive to accompany the songs that I will perform. The hits will also be sung, but it’s more so about those fans that know those songs that aren’t big smashes and have been with me from the beginning. Big Sean is slated to join you on tour. How did this come about?

TS: I have Big Sean with me, because he came from a similar uprising. I think Big Sean is definitely one of the leaders of the new school. He’s very innovative, energetic, and he has a passionate following that I’ve watched throughout the years. When I was first promoting my first single, I met him in Detroit, when he was freestyling on the radio every Friday. At the time I had a deal and he hadn’t, but to watch him to get to where he is now is amazing. He worked really hard, and he is still the same guy with his head on straight. He’s very smart and professional and he got smashes!


Trey Songz steams it up in Rocawear 'Evolution' ad! Tell us what kind of sound we can anticipate from the Chapter V LP?

TS: I like that! Anticipate! *laughs* I actually just finished the album this week, and it represents my past, present and future, meaning that you will hear the music that you know me for—very sensual, but also some hip-hop. My features on a J. Cole, Lupe, or Drake hook that you would usually not get from my previous albums will be on this one. The “Say Ahh” and “Bottoms Up” Trey Songz, as well as the “I Can’t Help But Wait” and “I Need A Girl” Trey Songz will be on the album too. I’m also introducing you to a new me. I am trying to embody all that there is to me, and what there is for me to bring to the future. Who’s on the album? Any big collabs?

TS: I’m waiting on a couple of features right now, so I can’t tell you everything but anticipate ‘Chapter V’, which will be out this summer. You’re the spokesman for the Rocawear Evolution Fragrance. Can we expect a new campaign this spring?

TS: Rocawear and I have been partnered up for a couple of years now. The Evolution fragrance was just the next step for what I have already done. My career is steadily evolving, annually, weekly, and monthly. Every chance I get, I’m looking for growth and to evolve, and Rocawear is doing the same thing, we are matched up perfectly.

We're coming up with ideas for a new campaign, and we’ll let you know about that sometime soon. What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Got a hot date?

TS: For Valentines Day, I will actually be in Dallas on tour. I have no plans right now, just living the life of a superstar! How can men make Valentine’s Day extra sexy and special for their lady?

TS: I think Valentines Day and any other holiday is very unique depending on the person you’re with. It’s so easy to go get flowers and to do generic things. But if you go get flowers you, find out what are her favorite flowers, what colors she likes, get her something

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