Trey Songz Talks New Tour, Twitter Beef, and How to Make V-Day Extra Sexy!

Trey Songz Talks New Tour, Twitter Beef, and How to Make V-Day Extra Sexy!

Trey Songz chats exclusively with on Anticipation 2 tour, Chapter V album, touring with Big Sean, and how men can make Valentine's Day extra sexy for the ladies!

Geneva S. Thomas

by Geneva S. Thomas, February 06, 2012

Trey Songz Talks New Tour, Twitter Beef, and How to Make V-Day Extra Sexy!

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you know she wants, or has been talking about or wanting to do. You know Valentines Day is coming, so plan something special for that person. If it is a movie she loves to death, and will watch a million times, you set a movie date with the DVD. Whatever you do just set it up nice especially for her. She may want a Swedish or deep tissue massage, you have to know what your woman likes. That’s what makes Valentines Day special. Can you tell us about your organization Angels With Heart Foundation?

TS: The Angels With Heart Foundation is something that is near to my heart. Soon I’ll be touring internationally, and I am looking forward to going to Europe, South Africa as well as Australia. We have International Angels With Heart Day coming up very soon; it’s where my fans send videos of them doing charitable acts all around the world and we’ll post that on We have angels all round the world, doing things that they believe in. We are still really early in the game with Angels With Heart, but it is going to be more true to my legacy and to my fans and music. How do you manage not to get caught up in Twitter beef?

TS: First of all, find me on Twitter, @TreySongz and on Facebook you can find me, I’m out-chea!

I don’t take Twitter as seriously as some people do. It’s fun, and it’s something that I can use to communicate with my fans. It is easy to go off or vent when you have an outlet you know everybody can see, but you have to control what you say, and regulate how you will be seen. What Twitter does is give people an opportunity to look like the coolest cat while connecting to your fans, or you can look like an asshole. What you have to do is look at yourself from another perspective, and think about what you are typing.

I had this conversation with my little brother; you can look ignorant to people who don’t know your true character. When all you are giving them is ignorance that’s what they will know you to be. When we were kids, you only had the people in your neighborhood to judge you, love or joke on you. But on Twitter, these kids have people all across the world. That’s why you can’t just write whatever comes to mind without thinking. That is the key to Twitter, honestly. Especially if you are in school or looking for a job, if they search you, those things you post will come up. A lot of artists today have the pressure of not just being an artist, but also business moguls. Do you feel this pressure or business something you already plan for?

TS: I feel like its smart to want to become a mogul. It’s about taking advantage of what you are given. I mean, it is cool to be an artist. But while I have this opportunity, I think it is important to reach out, and really make your money stretch. I’m definitely into many different business endeavors. I’m just starting out with endorsements now, and I’m looking into a way to make money outside of music. Any plans to venture into acting on the big screen?

TS: I actually have my first movie coming out October 5th, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It’s in 3D. I’m very excited about it!

Trey Songz’s Anticipation 2 Tour Dates:

Feb. 9 Cleveland, Ohio State Theatre

Feb. 10 Louisville, KY Palace Theatre

Feb. 11 Chicago, Illinois Auditorium Theatre

Feb. 12 St. Louis, MO Fox Theatre

Feb. 14 Dallas/GP Verizon Theatre

Feb. 17 Los Angeles, CA Nokia Theatre

Feb. 18 Las Vegas The Pearl, Palms Theatre

Feb. 19 Oakland, CA Paramount Theatre

Feb.  23 Cincinnati, OH Aranoff P&G

Feb. 24 Detroit, MI Fox Theatre

Feb. 25 Milwaukee, WI Milwaukee Theatre

Feb. 28 Toronto, ON Sony Theatre

March 1 New York, NY Theatre at MSG

March 2 Atlantic City, NJ Mark G. Estess Arena

March 3 Washington, D.C. Constitution Hall

March 8 Atlanta, GA Fox Theatre

March 10 Southaven, MS De Soto Civic Center

March 11 Nashville, TN Municipal Auditorium

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