Wendell Pierce


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Twenty years from now, there are going to be kids who ask, “Mr. Pierce, in New Orleans’s darkest hours, what did you do?” And I want to be able to have a really good answer for that. I wanted to be able to say, “This is what I did: artistically, Treme. Civically and commercially, Sterling Farms,” and to be able to rebuild my neighborhood of Pontchartrain Park where my parents lived.

EBONY: Treme is going to come back for one final season. Can you give us any juice about it?

WP: There’s not much I can tell you, but you see where the characters’ lives come to. You see where Antoine comes to, and how he has evolved into a man that he didn’t expect to become. Even though our series comes to an end, you get a sense that all of these people and these characters that you met in New Orleans, like the city itself, will be going on.