Why Lebron Needs A Ring

Why Lebron Needs A Ring

[OPINION] Mychal Denzel Smith says that King James' persuit of a championship title is bigger than his personal desires...it's what the NBA needs

Mychal Denzel Smith

by Mychal Denzel Smith, May 30, 2012

Why Lebron Needs A Ring

LeBron James

Photo courtesy of Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images Sport

entitled and aloof instruments of entertainment, but as global citizens deeply impacted by the world that watches them. All he has to do is win a piece of jewelry.

It’s not easy, of course, or else he would have done so already. But I truly hope he is one day able to hoist that prized trophy over head. After that, nothing but Kevin Durant vs. Derrick Rose finals.

Mychal Denzel Smith is a writer, social commentator and mental health advocate. Visit his official website or follow him on Twitter

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