Will.i.am Admits to Stealing Song by Accident

This isn’t the first time that Will.i.am has been accused of plagiarism

by #teamEBONY, April 24, 2013



Black Eyed Peas frontman will.i.am has admitted infringing copyright with his new song, Let’s Go. The admission comes a week after he was accused of plagiarizing the beats of Rebound, originally recorded by DJs Arty and Mat Zo.

“LOL what?” exclaimed Arty on Twitter last week when he saw the track on YouTube. “They never cleared rights through Anjunabeats, who’s only one label, who ownes [sic] the rights for Rebound.”

Will.i.am’s explanation is that it was all a mistake. In an interview with KISS FM, he said that he’d originally recorded his own version of Rebound for use in the new song. “But in a year’s time, time’s gone by [and] we preferred writing over and using the [original] Rebound,” he said. “Something happened and the clearance… hopefully we resolved the issue.”

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