Women Comic Book Characters: Fight the Superpower [PHOTOS]

Women Comic Book Characters: Fight the Superpower [PHOTOS]

Forget Iron Man! There are a slew of Black, female superpowered heroines on deck to kick butt and take names

by Team Ebony,


With Hollywood blockbusters dominated these days by the likes of The Avengers (from Marvel Comics/Disney) and The Dark Knight Rises (DC Comics/Warner Bros.), average moviegoers possess the kind of comic-book savvy previously held by, well, fanboy nerds. But the existence of African-American superheroes and sheroes is still a well-kept geek secret… until now. Halle Berry brought both Storm and anti-heroine Catwoman to silver-screen prominence, but behold: Vixen! Captain Marvel! Misty Knight! Feast your eyes on the future Hollywood blockbuster properties of tomorrow: Black superheroines!

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