6 People to Avoid on Social Media

6 People to Avoid on Social Media

Make your online life better by avoiding these folks at all costs

by Alisha Tillery, March 25, 2013

6 People to Avoid on Social Media

Avoid these types of people on social media!

Displays of Ratchet Behavior: There’s nothing wrong living life off the wall to de-stress, but let’s leave something to the imagination. Folks who post every image and anecdote from their Hennessy and drug filled weekends are too damn irresponsible for words and you don't want your networks to associate you with this sort of behavior. Enjoy that drink with Crazy Tasha when you bump into her at the club, but keep that friendship on the low—and don't end up in her Twitpics either! 

6)People Who Hate Anything, But Choose to Talk About That Thing Anyway: Social media is filled with people who dislike Beyonce. And that's okay, there's no rule that says you have to like or even respect her.  But these same folks talk more about her online than even the most devoted members of the Beyhive...WHY? An occasional complaint about some pop culture figure or phenomenon that you don't like is one thing, but there are few people as annoying as those who spend half of their online time bashing things they don't like. If that thing is racism, I get it. But a singer? Don't clutter your timeline with the likes of these Debbie and Daniel Downers. If you hate something so much, why talk about it? Let’s file that one under “Things I Don’t Get.”

What are some of the other annoying social media personality types?

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