Former NBA Star Allan Houston Rallies for Fatherhood

Former NBA Star Allan Houston Rallies for Fatherhood

The ex-Knick proves he’s still a franchise player as he uses sports to inspire families

Steve Rivers

by Steve Rivers, October 03, 2012

Former NBA Star Allan Houston Rallies for Fatherhood

him. His unconditional love for his family and community were also very admirable qualities that came across when he was coaching his players, and I wanted to be a part of that.

His integrity and work ethic shaped the way I approached life, and the game of basketball. It’s difficult to separate your life on and off the court because they’re all part of who you are, and shape your brand.

EBONY: Given your son's gravitation towards football, are there any camps that you’ve participated in with him, that resemble what you do with Father Knows Best?

AH: I haven’t seen anything similar to what we do, and I’ve seen several father/son camps. The good thing about his love for football is that it allows me to not get caught up into his statistics. My lack of knowledge in the sport allows me to focus more on his approach to the game. I can encourage him from a leadership standpoint no matter how many times he touches the ball, or when he wins or loses. When it comes to him playing basketball, I can get a lot more in detail in both the good and bad aspects of the game. All of these things encompass the beauty of our relationship.

EBONY: Where can people go to find out more information on the Father Knows Best program and anything else related to your Allan Houston Legacy Foundation?

AH: They can get all their information from AllanHouston.com and everything they need is right there. We also have another program that teaches young adults how to be an entrepreneur and build their businesses. The first thing people have to do is search for their purpose and why they’re here. Once that’s done, you can set your goals and put your plans in place. Our foundation is all about training people for leadership, growth and showing them how to build their brand.

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